Caribbean Villas

Caribbean Villas

The Caribbean was made for luxury villas, with its endless miles of soft sand up for grabs, warm water offering adventure and relaxation, and a patchwork of island cultures each unique from the next. Our Caribbean villas take advantage of this, one of the world's most inviting getaways, to provide the perfect something-for-everyone destination. Enjoy privacy and luxury, comfort and service in your favorite island paradise.

Luxury Anguilla Villas

Villas in Anguilla are a celebrity favorite for a reason. This island, with incomparably soft beaches and blue water, just oozes unassuming glamor. You don't come here to party all day and night. Villas in Anguilla are for sophisticated relaxation, entertainment and quality time with family. If you happen to spot that a-list movie star, all the better.

Anguilla Villas

Luxury Bahamas Villas

Choose from the world's most incredible beachfronts with our luxury Bahamas villas, located throughout the island chain. In places sleepy and in others delightfully vibrant, these spits of land are the perfect fit for the villa lifestyle, which emphasizes quality time and uninterrupted relaxation. Luxury Bahamas villas invite you to create the tropical vacation you've always wanted.

Bahamas Villas

Luxury Barbados Villas

If any island was made for luxury vacation rentals, it's this one, blending local traditions and gorgeous locations into a perfect tropical mix. Barbados luxury villas are mainly located on the western “platinum” coast, treated to fantastic soft beaches, upscale nightlife, championship golf and clear waters, great for snorkeling. With plenty to do, Barbados is an active traveler's dream, though guests of Barbados luxury villas can also happily spend their days enjoying a laid-back pace. A classic destination not to be missed.

Barbados Villas

Luxury Bonaire Villas

Bonaire Villas

Luxury Dominican Republic Villas

Villas in the Dominican Republic have been a favorite with our guests for years, with good reason. Boasting a selection of amazing beaches, beautiful little towns, Spanish flavors with Caribbean attitude, friendly people and sun, sun, sun, it's an island with lots to offer even repeat visitors. For sightseers, there's something new around every corner, while sunbathers will be just as happy to stay put at our villas in the Dominican Republic, on a lounger next to the pool.

Dominican Republic Villas

Luxury Grenada Villas

Grenada Villas

Luxury Jamaica Villas

Villas in Jamaica are a unique introduction to this energetic island nation, which is at once one of the most naturally scenic and culturally vibrant in the Caribbean. From the nightlife of Negril, the golf and history of Montego Bay, to the quiet luxury of Ocho Rios, it's a place not easily pigeon-holed. That bodes well for diverse travelers, all of whom should find their perfect hideaway among our villas in Jamaica.

Jamaica Villas

Luxury St. Barts Villas

Marrying the style and sophistication of the French Riviera with the laid-back attitude of the Caribbean - not to mention the weather - St. Barts is the perfect island getaway for those in search of a little something different. Enjoy the quintessential baguette and French wine, only by the beach; trendy upscale shops and amazing gourmet restaurants, and refined nightlife. St. Barts luxury villas are the perfect, and almost only, way to stay in this French playground and have your own little slice of la joie de vivre.

St. Barts Villas

Luxury St. Croix Villas

History meets the sand on this U.S. Virgin Island, a fascinating place exchanged between no fewer than seven different nations. The unique result, for guests of St. Croix rentals, is a Caribbean beach destination with plenty to see and do as well. In natural pursuits, this island impresses too, with world-class scuba diving and bits of every eco-system, including desert and rainforest. Choose St. Croix rentals if you've got a diverse group to please.

St. Croix Villas

Luxury St. John Villas

Dotting the emerald green hillsides of this idyllic Virgin Island, St. John luxury villas are some of the Caribbean's most popular rental homes. That has much to do with the island; draped in national parkland and ringed with postcard-perfect beaches, great for snorkeling, it's a paradise that couldn't have been written up any better in a fantastical shipwreck novel. Our St. John luxury villas come in every incarnation, so all travelers can hav their own Robinson Crusoe moment.

St. John Villas

Luxury St. Lucia Villas

Rugged and romantic, it's hard to deny the attraction of a place like St. Lucia, the Caribbean's answer to the South Pacific. St. Lucia villa rentals grace its many green hills, offering views over the sea and, often, the island's iconic Pitons mountains. Yet St. Lucia still offers more, from a rich local culture and festivals to beaches and eco-adventure. Luxury Retreats' collection of St. Lucia villa rentals are the perfect base from which to set out with a new, memorable itinerary, every day.

St. Lucia Villas

Luxury St. Martin Villas

If there was a true something for everyone destination, this is it, including two whole nations found on one small and scenic Caribbean island. Guests of St. Martin villa rentals enjoy immersion in both French and Dutch culture, cuisines and lifestyle, plus a selection of the region's most beautiful white-sand beaches. Despite its size, from golf to casinos, you could fill multiple vacations here, or simply relax as the weather dictates. Though the attitude is island-laidback, our St. Martin villa rentals kick it up a notch in luxurious style, offering top finishings without losing the barefoot feel.

St. Martin Villas

Luxury St. Thomas Villas

This lively U.S. Virgin Island is a classic favorite among Luxury Retreats guests, offering a slew of activities in an environment that's so quintessentially Caribbean. St. Thomas luxury villas are found throughout the island, inevitably claiming great panoramic views of the sea, direct access to some of the world's top-ranked beaches, or both. With plenty to do for everyone in your group, including those who prefer to worship the sun all day as well as snorkelers and scuba divers, St. Thomas luxury villas are ideal for families or groups of friends. Don't miss this green island paradise.

St. Thomas Villas

Luxury St. Vincent and The Grenadines Villas

St. Vincent and The Grenadines Villas

Luxury Tortola Villas

Green and serene, Tortola is the busiest of the British Virgin Islands, but all that's relative of course. Guests of Tortola vacation rentals may feel like they have the island to themselves, at times, in strolling perfect but empty crescent beaches and sitting on their scenic hillside porch. There is action too, if you want to find it, in the form of energetic little towns with inviting bars and restaurants. Tortola vacation rentals are also perfect for those who enjoy the water, as snorkeling and scuba diving the clear sea here could keep you occupied for days at a time.

Tortola Villas

Luxury Turks and Caicos Villas

What makes our Turks and Caicos luxury villas so popular? Beaches, beaches, and more beaches, made of perfect white sand and ringing the entire island with more than enough room for everyone. Look beyond the sand and the islands boast some of the warmest, clearest waters around, so Turks and Caicos luxury villas are also great for scuba divers as well as amateur snorkelers who just want to explore. It's a natural wonderland you have to see to believe, and we invite you to experience it from our private rental homes.

Turks and Caicos Villas

Luxury Virgin Gorda Villas

Inviting and unusual, this British Virgin Island is a quiet stunner, impressing not with an abundance of excitement but with a subdued beauty and pace that's just perfect for a luxury beach vacation. Our Virgin Gorda luxury villas are spread across the island, enjoying both hillside and beachfront locations. Guests will enjoy the laidback and friendly attitude of Virgin Gorda, where a smile and wave hello are still commonplace on every meeting. With just a few restaurants, snorkeling and little corners to explore, Virgin Gorda luxury villas are best suited for familes and friends who enjoy the little things.

Virgin Gorda Villas

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